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  • positive review  thank you Mr Anthony for keeping our machine clean and sanitize thank you waterclub

    Ligaya Millado Avatar Ligaya Millado

    positive review  thanknyou mr anthony for your wunderful installation very professional i love waterclub

    Shaheera Rafeek Avatar Shaheera Rafeek

    positive review  Emerson, is one ur good employee his service was satisfied to us. More power to ur company.

    Ghie Jayme-Nallagounder Avatar Ghie Jayme-Nallagounder

    positive review  Emerson His service is very good.. we are very happy 😊

    Megha Sujith Avatar Megha Sujith

    positive review  Great Job by Emerson for fixing our machine. Thumbs up Emerson

    Gita Bhattrai Avatar Gita Bhattrai

    positive review  Emerson good service thank you

    Rea Riza Rudas Avatar Rea Riza Rudas

    positive review  Thank you me Anthony for your excellent service

    Ahlam Aldar Avatar Ahlam Aldar

    positive review  Emerson did a great job for servicing the water filter machine. thank you Emerson

    Liton Chowdhury Avatar Liton Chowdhury

    positive review  Emerson very good service. On time and professional.

    Ursula Taljaard Avatar Ursula Taljaard

    positive review  Hello Emerson Did a efficient and knowledge of the work he did. thank you Emerson for you help. Recommend Emerson

    Herlyn Cosey Avatar Herlyn Cosey

    positive review  hellow Emerson this guy we do good job is perfect job

    Bautista Rowel Avatar Bautista Rowel

    positive review  Angelo and blady Did a great job today and explain a importance of machine thank water club very recommended!

    Nelie Arellano Espares Avatar Nelie Arellano Espares
  • positive review  Thank you Mr Anthony excellent sercice

    Alma AblangBua Avatar Alma AblangBua

    positive review  Just finished filter replacement and it was quick and clean. anthony is so friendly and very helpful with my queries. highly recommended

    Adrian Peter Conde Tabique Avatar Adrian Peter Conde Tabique

    positive review  thank you Ms Liliana and Mr Anthony you did a great job

    Mary Antonette Hao Avatar Mary Antonette Hao

    positive review  thank you Mr Anthony excellent service and Verry nice

    Susma Blon Tmg Avatar Susma Blon Tmg

    positive review  hello waterclub we have primo machine and the machine is good one techniciam come here to chnge thr filter name is angelo and he explain by doing a sanitization and gI've a idea how to clean very well our mamchine good job waterclub you have a good technician vr recommended

    Nita Tamang Avatar Nita Tamang

    positive review  Thank you Michael for the great Service you very friendly and Super nice guy appreciated thanks water club

    Mykhael Allarse Avatar Mykhael Allarse

    positive review  thank you mr Anthony for fixing our water filter

    Chamalka Nadeeshan Avatar Chamalka Nadeeshan

    positive review  hi Emerson thank you for the good service

    Pindos Jonnah Avatar Pindos Jonnah

    positive review  Angela was prompt in services

    Bindu Jayarajan Avatar Bindu Jayarajan

    positive review  Angelo is a good technician he did our filter very smooth and he clean the machine

    Mahesh Mamidi Avatar Mahesh Mamidi

    positive review  Angelo .. recommended . Job well done.

    Emmie Malihan Lawas Zeraval Avatar Emmie Malihan Lawas Zeraval

    positive review  Angelo did a great job today for our rio and he explain importance of sanitize good job waterclub

    Barakatou Alfa Abou Avatar Barakatou Alfa Abou
  • positive review  Emerson is good installer. Im satisfied in his work. Good job.

    Maria Cristina Geneciran Avatar Maria Cristina Geneciran

    positive review  This is some gift for us.We are happy to get this one. Now we can drink safe water. Thanks to Leo for wonderful setup this purify water machine .

    Mintu Mia Avatar Mintu Mia

    positive review  This was very wonder gift for us.And thanks to leo for setup this things wonderfully. 🤗🤗

    Md Rajon Avatar Md Rajon

    positive review  Good service by Emerson Did a great job on changing the filter. Thank you so much. Thumbs up Recommended

    Celia Lanuang Avatar Celia Lanuang

    positive review  @anthony..thanku for ur service..very well behaved... nd excellent in his work....u just guide me in appropriate way ....water taste is pure nd authentic.🙂

    Niyati Rai Kshyap Avatar Niyati Rai Kshyap

    positive review  thank you Antonio for changing the water filter 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Razan Tawakol Avatar Razan Tawakol

    positive review  emerson, satisfied customer, good job

    Refinnej Nozaut Avatar Refinnej Nozaut

    positive review  EMERSON did a good job. he done quick service

    Khimlhen Basanta Manio Avatar Khimlhen Basanta Manio

    positive review  Thank you Anthony for the installation of our waterfilter

    Zairiell Felex Ramos Dejoras Avatar Zairiell Felex Ramos Dejoras

    positive review  Emerson is very helpful, he made sure that everything is ok before he left. Not only you have great products but also excellent service

    Val M. Casabar Avatar Val M. Casabar

    positive review  emerson and angelo do a great job today

    Thwalib Madathil Avatar Thwalib Madathil

    positive review  great service of Mr. michael

    Maria Fe Tolentino Avatar Maria Fe Tolentino
  • positive review  Mr. Emerson for the excellent service and good service. he's friendly thank you

    Emilia dela Cruz Avatar Emilia dela Cruz

    positive review  Thank you waterclub for making sure our water to be drink is safe. thank you to Emerson.

    Beth Collado Buena Avatar Beth Collado Buena

    positive review  Thank you Emerson for the good service and quick service.. keep it up

    Alan Arcena Avatar Alan Arcena

    positive review  Kevin and Angelo thank you for good service and advice for sanitizer water dispenser 👍

    Randy Garcia Avatar Randy Garcia

    positive review  Kevin is very approachable

    Retxed Anrodac Naub Avatar Retxed Anrodac Naub

    positive review  Leo and jeric done service very good thankyou

    Kala Nataraj Avatar Kala Nataraj

    positive review  Jay and Emerson install the water purifier & they are very helpful

    JustMee Nizia Avatar JustMee Nizia

    positive review  Great installation by, Michael thank you

    Catherine Narido Alinsob Avatar Catherine Narido Alinsob

    positive review  Good job emerson thank you

    Jeffrey Banta Avatar Jeffrey Banta

    positive review  Great installation by Mr. Michael

    Auzair Moiyadi Avatar Auzair Moiyadi

    positive review  thank you kuya Michael for great service 😍

    Steve Lapodye Avatar Steve Lapodye

    positive review  Emerson n Angelo thank you for changing our filter.

    Ruth Teopista Avatar Ruth Teopista
  • positive review  Thank you ely and jayfor the service.

    Josephine Pinlac Avatar Josephine Pinlac

    positive review  Great Service! Thankyou waterclub, now we will save money for buying gallons of water. Good job kuya EMERSON. Very accomodating staff.

    Joanna Rios Isaac Avatar Joanna Rios Isaac

    positive review  thank u sooo much emerson and jay...very friendly and accommodating... highly recommended....

    Dhel Fugoso Avatar Dhel Fugoso

    positive review  Emerson and Jay thank you for installing water machine filter.

    Marife De Villa Jusi Avatar Marife De Villa Jusi

    positive review  Emerson and Jay thank you

    Prakash Neupane Avatar Prakash Neupane

    positive review  Kevin is very patient and did a gret job Kevin is very patient and did a great job since our water connection is not good. He communicated very well and is knowledgeable of the product, the process. Good job.

    HanAyu Hernan Avatar HanAyu Hernan

    positive review  Emerson giving a nice service. He answer our questions well and give us idea on the machine. Satisfied customer here! Goodluck guys. We will defenitly recomend your machine to our friends

    Laine Seva Aquisay Avatar Laine Seva Aquisay

    positive review  Emerson was great and very good to explain use and maintenance. Very helpful with the installation.

    Lorena Gomez Bermudez Avatar Lorena Gomez Bermudez

    positive review  Emerson is a good person he was very friendly with us.. Keep it up your good work.. Thank you Mr Emerson

    Divya Naveen Salian Avatar Divya Naveen Salian

    positive review  I prefer Waterclub they are very professional service provider, specially the guy Kevin He’s provide best service and quick respond.

    Faizan Khan Avatar Faizan Khan

    positive review  I recommend for doing a great job for fixing our water filter.Great job to Emerson!!!.Thank you

    Mercel Mendoza Avatar Mercel Mendoza

    positive review  Emerson Thank you. You made a good job.

    Trısh R Clavs Avatar Trısh R Clavs
  • positive review  Kevin and Jay thank you so much for… Kevin and Jay thank you so much for your help. I Love your service

    BlessedRhej Rivera Avatar BlessedRhej Rivera

    positive review  kevin and jay good job..thanķs

    Jhun Malig Danganan Avatar Jhun Malig Danganan

    positive review  Great job! Fast and Professional for there job.Thanks to Mr Kevin and Wordness Team.

    Maderazo Zambales Charls Avatar Maderazo Zambales Charls

    positive review  Kevin did an amazing job installing and took his time to explain everything.

    Varun Kukreja Avatar Varun Kukreja

    positive review  Kevin was amazing and very neat and tidy. he was quick.

    Farha Ziyad Avatar Farha Ziyad

    positive review  Emerson is very professional and efficient. He installed the filter in no time and explained everything!

    Kwai Sheung Lo Avatar Kwai Sheung Lo

    positive review  Emerson did an amazing job in maintaining our machine! thank you!

    Alliah Elorde Avatar Alliah Elorde

    positive review  Ely and Zaharan thank you for a good service❤️😊

    Sherla Batcho Pelenia Avatar Sherla Batcho Pelenia

    positive review  The service is very good. I recommend this company. Thank you emerson, Ely and lily for the service today.

    Jackelyn Traje Avatar Jackelyn Traje

    positive review  thank you Emerson, Ely and Lilliana for changing our Filters. thumbs up

    Haniza Turla Avatar Haniza Turla

    positive review  Mr Kevin was very professional and helpful. He has got good knowledge of the machine and was able to help very fast. Thank you!

    Irena Stankova Avatar Irena Stankova

    positive review  Emerson Thank you for changing the Filters of our machine

    Efrenita Lopez Avatar Efrenita Lopez
  • positive review  emerson did a good service for our water. highly recommended👍🏼

    Pj Santiago Avatar Pj Santiago

    positive review  excellent job and very professional guy! your lucky to have emerson to your company.

    John De Vera Avatar John De Vera

    positive review  thank you Anthony for the installation of our filter

    Juvylyn Buizon Avatar Juvylyn Buizon

    positive review  Excellent service and machine Would like to thank you as a company and Kevin who fix it with professional way

    Suzan Bouarab Avatar Suzan Bouarab

    positive review  the technician n water club name Kevin is good he explained how the machine works, all the filters what is their function and mostly his kind.

    Rodrigo Nocillado Avatar Rodrigo Nocillado

    positive review  Leo thanks for service and good job

    Kasthuri Kasthuri Avatar Kasthuri Kasthuri

    positive review  Kevin is such a wonderful technician. He explained well and provide details. Thank you.

    Marisa Magadia Avatar Marisa Magadia

    positive review  thank you mr anthony great job

    Elvira Visales Hinola Avatar Elvira Visales Hinola

    positive review  thank you mr Anthony excellent work

    Dina Orienza Avatar Dina Orienza

    positive review  Excellent service!Very fast,friendly and accomodating!Thanks to Anton

    Jose Mario Hermenegildo Avatar Jose Mario Hermenegildo

    positive review  leo..good service tanx for come gòod work and nice

    Kristine Carrillio Lopez Avatar Kristine Carrillio Lopez

    positive review  Thank you waterclub it's good to have the machine

    Zainab Alcaide Zaharan Avatar Zainab Alcaide Zaharan
  • positive review  Thank you mr anthony excellent installation

    Maria April Macaranas Avatar Maria April Macaranas

    positive review  Thank you kevin for great service.. 💯 % recommended.

    Fakquick Gee Avatar Fakquick Gee

    positive review  thank you Anthony excellent job

    Alupani Marivel Avatar Alupani Marivel

    positive review  kevin is very good at what he does. he is very neat and clean as well. he gives very good customer service and he accommodates all my questions. he even helps install my shower filter. and checks if my water filter is still good. i really recommend him for promotion. h is very very good and will recommend waterclub because of his good service

    Chantelle Madison Gabrielle Avatar Chantelle Madison Gabrielle

    positive review  thank you Mr Anthony and meron for the great service excellent job

    Melanie Castro Avatar Melanie Castro

    positive review  Kevin did a great installation here thank you for your hard work

    Iva Fortuin Avatar Iva Fortuin

    positive review  Kevin was very quick and efficient in completing the servicing of our water filter. Its been a good decision so far in using Water Club. Very happy with the product and the services of the team

    Rosanne Mathias Avatar Rosanne Mathias

    positive review  Thank you Mr Anthony and elly

    Sankar Narayana Avatar Sankar Narayana

    positive review  Anthony thank you for your excellent service

    Sabiha Ahmad Avatar Sabiha Ahmad

    positive review  Kevin installed our machine and explained everything on how to use it and even mentioned when to change the filter.The service is really amazing.Well done Kevin!

    JunZen Cordero Avatar JunZen Cordero

    positive review  Kavin is is very accommodating all our queries regarding the machine was explained very well. Knowledgable on his product. Polite person

    Noemi-Erick Salgado Avatar Noemi-Erick Salgado

    positive review  Anthony was great. He is very helpful.

    Melanie Abucay Avatar Melanie Abucay
  • positive review  Kevin arrived to help install the water… Kevin arrived to help install the water filter and very efficient and professional Thanks Kevin

    Anoop Jose Avatar Anoop Jose

    positive review  Kevin did a good service for us

    Aakib Nazeer Avatar Aakib Nazeer

    positive review  Kevin is an awesome technician.

    Jerome Christopher Avatar Jerome Christopher

    positive review  Kevin is a very good technician and very approachable.

    Jomar Serrano Avatar Jomar Serrano

    positive review  Kevin was great very knowledgeable and helpful one of kind! keep up the good work Kevin is a gret assest for the company

    Zully Sandra Prieto Avatar Zully Sandra Prieto

    positive review  Kevin was so good in installing the unit and friendly he answered all are questions we are so happy with his work

    Justin Jefferson Avatar Justin Jefferson

    positive review  Very nice and friendly service from Kevin. Thumbs up to his service. Thankful for him.

    MGrace Gapasin Ebreo Avatar MGrace Gapasin Ebreo

    positive review  Kevin, Good service and very friendly and knowledgeable about the product.

    Vinjay Baliña Avatar Vinjay Baliña

    positive review  Kevin was very helpful and did an amazing job, he cleans after his job and does it neatly. Im very happy with his work👍🏽. The machine also works amazingly, highly recommend it

    Mohamed Reshad Avatar Mohamed Reshad

    positive review  thank you anthony for excellent service

    Suban Gurung Avatar Suban Gurung

    positive review  Kevin did a good Job and explained the problem properly

    Benedict Quibael Avatar Benedict Quibael

    positive review  Anthony- was a terrific energy to be around he answered all my questions about my water services, and even recommended me shower heads which we all know in UAE, hair falls so clean water in the shower is great. Thank you so much anthony

    Noura Alali Avatar Noura Alali
  • positive review  Leo- polite, very good, fast & efficient service.

    Charlie Ched Sanchez Santiago Avatar Charlie Ched Sanchez Santiago

    positive review  kevin did a great job to us

    Lolita Tuazon Deang Avatar Lolita Tuazon Deang

    positive review  LEO Good service. Thanks

    She Tangcangco Avatar She Tangcangco

    positive review  Thank you so much Anthony from Water Club support team for the amazing work The product is great and the service is amazing

    Ashraf Hani Al-Saleh Avatar Ashraf Hani Al-Saleh

    positive review  good job. Thank you Anthony

    Roh-za Tezcor Avatar Roh-za Tezcor

    positive review  Leo from water club gave a good service in replacing the water filter He came inside wearing mask & put plastic on his shoes , good job

    Rose Lyn Avatar Rose Lyn

    positive review  Hi Kevin you did a great job for… Hi Kevin you did a great job for changing our water filter your technical support was so awesome. Thank you very much!

    Jumar Mahilum Mancao Avatar Jumar Mahilum Mancao

    positive review  Leo Nice Service and accomodating

    Ria Hernandez Bornales Avatar Ria Hernandez Bornales

    positive review  Kevin is very helpful. I would recommend him. Keep up the good job

    Carlo Sobrepeña Avatar Carlo Sobrepeña

    positive review  High recommend si kuya Anthony good job👍😁

    Aj Libiran Avatar Aj Libiran

    positive review  Mt.Kevin came for the service and really did an excellent job.

    Afa Shaikh Avatar Afa Shaikh

    positive review  Emerson did a great job of changing filter of our machine primo. Thumbs up

    Abeba Haftu Avatar Abeba Haftu