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How WaterClub Works

The WaterClub simply connects to your home water supply and filters your water using a multi-stage filtration system. WaterClub then boils and chills the water, maintaining its temperature and quality, meaning that water for hot and cold drinks is ready instantly. The WaterClub home water cooler is very energy efficient costing just a few pence per day to run. Its uses are endless. The WaterClub is controlled by a simple-to-use touch screen panel. You simply press the icon representing boiling, chilled and ambient water and the WaterClub instantly dispenses the water of your choice. The touch screen panel shows you what the WaterClub is doing, and also allows you to control the menu system, timers, child lock and temperatures of the water.

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Filtered and UV purified to remove chemicals like chlorine but retain all water essential natural minerals like calcium. Waterclub brings you the perfect PH water for your body


Impurities & chlorine free


Both boiling hot or chilled at the touch of a button whenever you want it


Sleeping mode to save energy when not in use. Wakes up when you do . Automatically fills your favourite glass or mug at pre selected temperature of your choice

How to join Waterclub

Choose your machine

You can Choose between our five water filter machines to see which one fits better to your needs.

Pick your place

Prepare some place on your kitchen counter / office pantry before our technician arrive


We will install your waterclub during your desired schedule


We will deliver, install and show you how it works. ENJOY!

What we offer...

We believe in something simple. Drinking more water makes you feel good and helps keep you healthy. It’s why our WaterBars give you much more than you might expect from a water filter:

  • Unlimited filtered and UV purified water
  • Dispensed instantly, boiling or chilled at the touch of a button
  • Removes bad stuff like Chlorine, Bacteria and stops scale

Filter system and UV purifier, removes bad stuff like chlorine and bacteria. One smart mains connected machine conveniently provides instant and unlimited boiling and chilled water.

85% of customers families drink more Water and less sugary drinks since joining Waterclub. Great value and good for the environment, uses 35% less energy than a kettle and cost 323% less than the average bottled water in Dubai.

-Hot Water child protection lock
-Energy saving “sleep” mode
-Set your own mix of hot & cold
-Extra hot boost button

Added Convenience
-Set your own chilled glass size
-Set hot mug size & even allow room for milk in tea & coffee
-Automatic wake – up
-Set Hot / Cold temperature

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