Frequently Questions

Below are frequently asked questions, you may find them interesting before you buy our products.

Do I have to fill the WATERCLUB up with water myself, like a coffee machine?

No, the beauty of WATERCLUB is that it is simply plumbed into your mains water supply. It automatically refills as you take water from it, so it is always ready to go, both for boiling and chilled water.

How much water will the WATERCLUB produce?

The WATERCLUB will produce 7 litres per hour of chilled water and 15 litres per hour of hot water. You can set the temperature range to suit your personal taste; the WATERCLUB can be programmed to dispense water at between 4-16 °C for chilled water, 30-60 °C for ambient and 70-98 °C for hot waterand a special boiling button for express 98 °C.

Is this difficult to operate?

The WATERCLUB has a state of the art touch screen panel, whereas WATERCLUB is controlled by touch keys. To dispense water, you simply choose whether you would like hot or cold water and your WATERCLUB will dispense your choice. You can also program the WATERCLUB to fill your favourite cup, glass or WATERCLUB bottle.

How hot is the water when it is dispensed from the WATERCLUB?

The hot water is automatically set at 96 °C which is the perfect temperature for making tea and coffee. There is a boiling boost button to take the temperature up to steaming hot 98 °C should you require it.

What child safety features does it have??

We take children’s safety very seriously. On the the WATERCLUB, hot water can only by dispensed once a separate unlock button has been pressed. WATERCLUB also has an additional child lock which requires the unlock button to be held down for 3 seconds before hot water can be dispensed.

What colours does the WATERCLUB come in?

The WATERCLUB colour range offers the widest choice available in home water dispensers, meaning you can customise it to your kitchen or office. There are ten colours to choose from black, silver, dark red, bright red, cream, green, blue, purple, yellow and orange.

How big is the WATERCLUB?

The WATERCLUB measures 34.2cm high, 30cm wide and 35cm deep. The dispense tap is 23cm high. WATERCLUB has been specifically designed to fit neatly in a kitchen or utility room and slots easily underneath all standard overhead kitchen units.

How do I clean it?

Simply wipe the WATERCLUB down with a damp cloth. The drip tray can be removed and put in your dishwasher.

Can I get a teapot, water bottle or cafetière underneath the spout?

Yes, absolutely. Unlike similar products, WATERCLUB has been designed with a removable drip tray so that you can place items up to 23cm high underneath the spout. WATERCLUB sport bottle fits perfectly for the refill.

What do the filters do?

The WATERCLUB ís a multi-stage filtration system removes chlorine as well as affecting levels of many contaminants. On top of that, the UV filter lamp ensures the water is free from bacteria.

How often do I have to change the filters?

WATERCLUB has 2 types of filters. The Carbon filter needs to be replaced every 6 months, and the UV filter lamp which needs to be replaced once a year. All our filters are 100% recyclable.

Where can I get filters from?

You buy filters from our website. We send you the filters in the post and you can change them yourself very easily. You can see how by watching our filter change video. We will also send you reminders about filter changes. Our technician team can also help you doing this, for filters change appointment contact us :

What about limescale?

Our filters do not remove the minerals that cause limescale but the hot tank has been designed to keep those minerals in suspension so that the elements inside do not become furred. We also offer a hot tank cleaning kit for customers who have especially hard water. We have actively avoided using an anti scale “dosing” system, unlike our major competitor, because we do not believe that adding anti-scale chemicals to the water is the best option for the creation of pure water.

Can I recycle the filters?

Yes, simply put the MAXI filter into your plastics recycling bin and the UV filter lamp into your glass recycling bin.

Can I install the WATERCLUB myself? Do you install it?

WATERCLUB has a team of experienced installers who can install your WATERCLUB for youto make it easy, and to ensure a high standard of connection to your water supply. This way we can also make sure that we’ve explained all the features to you in person.

How is it installed? How long will it take? Will there be any mess?

One of our qualified installers will deliver your WATERCLUB, talk to you about where you want to position it and then install it. A typical installation takes 20-40 minutes.
Your installer will then explain how your new WATERCLUB works, run through your user manual and help you set any settings you want.
There will not be any mess. We take the utmost care of our customer’s houses and kitchens.

What if there isn’t a water supply near the position I want my WATERCLUB?

That’s not normally an issue, as long as there is a water supply in your kitchen or office within 6 meters.

Is it energy efficient?

The WATERCLUB has an energy efficient, CFC-free cold water system and a powerful hot water systems. It has 2 different energy-saving modes. You can set it to sleep after between 1 and 4 hours of non-use, or you can programme it like your central heating, to come on and go to sleep at the times of the day that suit your lifestyle.

What happens if it breaks down?

WATERCLUB has been engineered and crafted to the highest quality. In the unlikely event that you have a problem with it, simply email us at and we will diagnose the problem and organise for it to be fixed. If you are within your first year of ownership and we can’t fix it, we will swap it for a new one free of charge.

Can I see a WATERCLUB before I buy?

YES during our trade shows where we demonstrate all the functions of WATERCLUB. Also there are full videos and demonstrations on our website and on YouTube, as well as numerous customer reviews. Also we invite you to the different trade shows where you can see and test the WATERCLUB. Visit to get an update about the shows or contact us:

What mains pressure do I need?

WATERCLUB operates happily between 1 and 6 bar of mains pressure as per DEWA water pressure.

What if i have got a granite worksurface, can you install?

If you have a granite or marble worksurface that’s no problem. Our professional installers have drills which can create a 6mm hole with no mess and no fuss. If you want a WATERCLUB and don’t want your granite or marble to be drilled we can sometimes get around the worksurface through boxings, shelves or cupboards.

I want a WATERCLUB & I live outside the UAE

We will inform you about our agents in your country ( GCC).