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Shower Filter

Shower Filter

AED 69


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Learn more about the Shower Head :
– Join the movement for better hair and skin care
– Turbo charged pressure: save water expenses up to 50%
– Eliminates 100% harmful Chlorine in your water
– Enjoy the transparent body edition, see how it works inside
– Stops severe hair fall and skin damages
– Free delivery in the UAE, straight from our Dubai Office

Learn more about the Stones (Included with your order) :
– Maifan Stones : Strong Anti-Bacterial effect, replenishes necessary microelement + beneficial mineral substance
– Alkaline tournaline Ball : Naturally generates Negatives ions, known to enhance the imune system
– Calcium Sulfite : Removes Chlorine up to 100% and Filters the water

Maifan Stones Calcium Sulfite Alkaline Tournaline
Calcium Sulfite Alkaline Tournaline